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Gear reduction motor is a common reducer in the mechanical and electrical industry, but the performance and material understanding of gear reduction motor should not be too much, and manufacturers how to choose materials and other professional knowledge is not a day or two can understand, gear reduction motor in the selection of material should pay attention to what? Follow xiaobian together to have a look!

Gear motor selection skills:

1. If conditions permit, it is best to inspect the manufacturer. During the inspection, we need to know about the testing equipment, whether the gear reduction motor of this brand has been used on the equipment you need to install, and the actual testing data.
2, the purchase of gear motor is not a one-time sale, pre-sale standardized process so that we have enough understanding of the product, the sale of various agreements signed, after-sales maintenance and technical support should be included in the purchase of services.
3, sales volume and application scope, usually large well-known gear reducer motor brands are experts in this field, in many large projects or even national key projects have made important contributions. Gear reduction motor technology includes a lot of content, including some of the principle of the reduction motor, the structure of the reduction motor, the use of the reduction motor and so on are not a day or two can understand the comprehensive, if you want to buy gear reduction motor, it must first understand the structure, only to understand the structure of the reduction motor, Then you can better choose the gear reduction motor for your machine.

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